[TWICE - YES or YES] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 181108 EP.595

เผยแพร่เมื่อ 8 พ.ย. 2018
- KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.595
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[Kor Ver.]
10연속 히트! '트와이스'
트둥이들이라면 뭐든 YES♡ YES♡ YES♥ 'YES or YES' 무대!
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  • Still trending

  • VOTE for Twice in the MAMA mama.mwave.me

  • 最後のミナにやられたわwww

  • creo q me moje xd

  • dont mind me asking, but who was the guy at the start?

  • Jihyo is really pretty

  • Chaeyeong in the thumbnail ❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • this is trending #30 in malaysia lol twice rocks

  • wtf is that voice in background !?

  • Momo sana Nayeon is so beautifull

  • I love you Twice

  • Te amo twice my heart burn burn


  • 🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭

  • 😘

  • Hoping for YES OR YES 2nd win on today's M Countdown 🙏 Please continue to stream YES OR YES MV and their music show performance everyone because they deserve to win for next week music show too and to achieve that We have to stream harder for this whole week

  • I'm so happy!!!! Many people are realizing now how beautiful Mina is 😍😭😊 It's really her era♡♡♡

  • wow jihyo really lost a lot of weight

  • this is shit

    • you are shit haters! .|.

  • Ponytail Tzuyu!!! I love her ♡


  • I don't know why they're so beautiful in white 😍

  • Có ai biết mấy bộ đồ này ở đâu bán không ?

  • stream mv guys!

  • SO CUTE >

  • T Tz Tzu Tzuy Tzuyu Tzuyu I Tzuyu I L Tzuyu I Lo Tzuyu I Lov Tzuyu I Love Tzuyu I Love U Tzuyu I Love U 💜 Tzuyu I Love U Tzuyu I Love Tzuyu I Lov Tzuyu I Lo Tzuyu I L Tzuyu I Tzuyu Tzuy Tzu Tz T Tzuyu I Love U 💜 i'll always be with u

  • 曲調?雰囲気?なんて言えばいいか分かんないけど、なんか、日本の曲と曲調的なのが似てきてるかもて思った....。 あくまで個人的な感想ね!!!

  • 👌🍭👌🏆

  • Almost a week stiil trending #29 in Malaysia=] Daebak! Yes!

  • this is the most satisfying video i have ever seen

  • Sana is so cute !!!!!!!!!

  • Shut up,all Twice member is beautiful not only Mina and Tzuyu

  • これ、反対するやつだれ?😞😨

  • It's beautiful. Damn. Sounds like an adventure, like an anime song. :) Though the yes or yes part sounds like the shy, shy, shy song

  • I’m officially dead

  • I see chaeyoung I click 💕

  • TWICE 😭

  • 👌 MEME

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  • Mina Eraaaa

  • ih cakepan black pink sama bts

  • _it's all up _*_Tzuyu_*

  • اعجز عن وصف جيهيو🙃😭♥️♥️

  • Nearly a week and this is still trending in the PH ❤

  • Can we get Yes or Yes 2nd win on M Countdown tomorrow? 😊

  • Who is that boy in the beginning?

  • Cute


  • I guess cameraman-nim is Mina bias 🥰🥰🥰

  • Mina’s wink tho

  • Still #29 in Malaysia

  • Mina💖💛

  • Mina💖💛

  • tomorow #YesorYes2ndWin 🍭

  • mina is my bias in twice

  • Still trending in Malaysia

  • Did you notice? Everytime its Nayeons part? The video change Nayeon is dealing with her wardrobe malfunction...her bra is falling again for the second time....first on the "Into the new world" performance

  • 45 on trending in philippines

  • Happy 1st win Yes or Yes!! Please keep voting and streaming to give TWICE another win and award!! Hwaiting!!

  • OMG tzuyu is bettee

  • Jeongyeon looks so different! I much more love her with much more longer hair!! ♥○♥

  • Tyuzu

  • Minarii❤️❤️❤️

  • Once lets give them YES or YES 2nd win tomorrow in M! Countdown 💪

  • Mina&Nayeon ❤❤

  • Mina❤️❤️❤️

  • 愛してる ❤️❤️

  • Trending #29 in Malaysia

  • Nayeon having outfit malfunction

  • Jihyo and Jeongyeon really slayed this era!

  • Tzuyu is really shine in this live

  • جديد لكل الناس التي ترغب في تعلم أجمل الخدع والتقنيات في الفوتوشوب دروس مجانية على هاته القناة تجعل منكم محترفين في هذا البرنامج الجميل th-tv.org/ch/UCp6iav8Gv0dO9pwRLPljXfg الدعوة موجهة ايضا لصاحب القناة لن اضيف كلمة اخرى انت احكم بنفسك

  • I love Dahyun's hair. And jihyo looks so good in short hair

  • Just by reading it made me click The transitions tho..

  • tzuyu beutiful

  • Has anyone seen the ads of Jennie Solo? Idk which hashtag did they use to run it but hope they don't use twice to get fame or view for Jennie (:

  • Bukan mau ngejelekin artis, tpi itu lipsync ya?

  • STILL trending in PH! ❤️

  • They warm my heart every time i watch

  • Jeongyeon is Underrated!

  • Tzuyu your so gorgeous 💖💖💖

  • Wow!!! This CB stage is trending as well. Wow! Just wow! You rock it ONCE

  • I'm a blink but I like RedVelvet, Twice and SNSD too. To all the fans that are from different fandom, I hope that you guys can stop the fanwar. Let us spread more love for every idol! ❤


  • Jihyo look so good with her hairstlye❤❤

  • Tzuyu's "ahhhhhs" are realer then my existence

  • Okay but like tzuyu’s body is goals 😩

  • love dahyunieeee

  • #44 trending in Philippines

  • Poco se habla de Momo

  • let’s stop fanwars about twice and blackpink😌💕 *yes or yes?*

  • Tyuzu

  • Not hating but Momo's voice is really annoying😔 Can't hear clearly what she is singing.

    • You are deaf idiot thrice always being salty😁😁

  • Yes or yes😍😍

  • Cute 😊

  • 1:56 that transition tho😲

  • Yes or yes

  • Amazing

  • I'm happy that Jeongyeon got more lines, but Chaeyoung had more too.

  • ❤❤❤