TAS Block at GDQx TwitchCon 2018 - TASBot

เผยแพร่เมื่อ 6 พ.ย. 2018
N64 Super Mario 64 (JPN) "1 Key" in 04:21
Authors: Tyler Kehne, MKDasher, sonicpacker, Snark, SilentSlayers, Gaehne D, Eru, ToT, Plush & sm64expert
Publication: tasvideos.org/3264M.html
Commentary: cheese05 and dwangoAC
Windows Hyper Princess Pitch "Reallyjoel's Mom difficulty, best ending" in 15:40
Author: Tseralith
Publication: tasvideos.org/2529M.html
Commentary: TiKevin83, Stump, and dwangoAC
GBC Pokémon: Yellow Version "no save corruption" in 10:47
Author: TiKevin83
Submission: tasvideos.org/6119S.html
Commentary: TiKevin83 and dwangoAC
SNES Kaizo Mario World 3 in 17:11
Authors: ISM & Mister
Publication: tasvideos.org/2317M.html
Commentary: GlichCat7 and dwangoAC
SNES PangaeaPanga's Item Abuse 3 in 07:57
Author: xHF01x
Commentary: GlichCat7 and dwangoAC


  • I was really disappointed to see the Hyper Princess Pitch run killed. I was actually really getting into it despite not knowing anything about the game. And it's just not the same watching it without the commentary and audience.

  • so, could. could we have tasbots runs without the creator always there being cringey as fuck? please

  • basically, Clint Skip

  • Next year the tasbot is going to have a wig on and be a ugly crazy tranny freak

  • The super mario guy was awesome.

  • I know human error happens and no one's perfect, but people are donating so much damn money to this that you'd think they'd do everything in their power to cover every possible error that could occur.

  • TASBot is my favorite speedrunner.

  • In 4 minutes he beat Mario 64...... I barely got through the haunted stage. *Begins turning in his "gamer" title*

  • Same jokes from year to year

  • Not disabling sleep on every computer you own or use

    • That's called being a smart person

  • ................. oh wow this just shows how bad gdq is ... taz isnt about explaining the hack ... its about humor and makeing the hack funny .... zzzz boreing dgq is dead.

  • Shoutouts to pannenkoeken

  • 2:49 Mario: omae wa mou shindeiru Bowser: Nani!

  • After watching so much Pannenkoek, the Mario 64 TAS felt really underwhelming.

  • But first, we need to talk about P A R A L L E L U N I V E R S E S

  • dude on the far left is sexy yes...im talking about TASbot

  • replay of a replay lol

  • the mario64 explanations could use some work. the run is too fast to try and explain with that much detail. shoulda just explained the concept without naming the exact button presses


  • Would you do tho? .........no?

  • Why don't they record the runs before the event to prevent technical issues.

  • I've been listening for 3 minutes. Does ANYONE know what the hell that guy is talking about?

  • dude talks way too much

    • You want this shit to be boring?

  • "Little meme, why not" And they're not banned for this? 🙃

  • Hey guys, what's RTA stand for?

    • Chris Toliver real time estimate for some reason they use A instead of E

  • ahhh pannenkoek, you taught us well...

  • It was awesome watching this live :D

  • I like how it takes less time to beat Mario 64 than Mario 1.

  • 60 minutes of TAS? You bet your ass!

  • Great balance between explanation and keeping up with whats actually on screen. Guy should be a sports announcer in his free time :P

  • Ok cheese shoutouts to everyone EXCEPT simpleflips? 😑

  • I have complained about too much arbitrary code execution in previous TAS Blocks, so this was great. Interesting TASes and good commentary. Too bad about the desyncs, but stuff happens.

    • I made a conscious decision to not do any ACE content for this event. I think you'll also like the direction we're going in for AGDQ 2019, although there's a *lot* of work left to do to get there.

  • 40:30 "are you mortal?" "Huhuh I hope so" I too long for the sweet release from this mortal coil.

  • Why do they stop the timer on last input instead of the traditional end of a Mario game, which is when the player loses control of Mario? It would still have been possible to kick the bomb away at the last second and lose the run, so it hardly seems "over" at that point.

    • +Spillerrec It's not just about wasting the remaining time; the strategy to get the soonest final input is different from the one to get the soonest completion. Is it standard for TASes to end at last input?

    • I think it is a good idea. Obviously if the run was lost, it is not a valid run so it wouldn't count. But instead of filling the remaining time with swag waiting for cycles, stopping time on the last input forces TASers to think creatively on how to spend that time doing something useful instead of just waiting on the game to move on.

  • How exactly do you not plug in your laptop or turn off sleep-mode on your laptop for a live event like this -.-

  • That's not a dab...ffs

  • As soon as I saw them all dab, I cringed like never before...

  • I heard "hyper princess bitch" instead of pitch...

  • im excited for 7 year olds to be doing this as easy as TAS

  • Miss the original coach from gdq =(

  • cool

  • I am god

  • an A press is an A press, you can't say it's only a half.

  • jokes on you i already know all about parallel universes as a student of professor pannenkoek

  • 2:28 That's insane. Everyone knows that one does not simply walk into moat door.

  • 11:56 DESYNC

  • Oh hey Tikevin83

  • So much cringe on SMW

  • "It's important to mention that in PU water doesn't exist"

  • i want a tasbot.... where can i buy a tasbot?

    • You cannot buy TASBot because he's an individual but you can build a replay device. Come to Discord.TASBot.net and we'll point you in the right direction.

    • +Kevin It's more like you can't buy a TASBot because I won't let you take him from me, there's only one TASBot but he holds any number of replay devices.

    • You can't buy TASbots, they are scripted... TAS stands for Tool Assist Speedrun

  • This is why no millennial should program a bot. BECAUSE DABING STILL KILLS BRAIN CELLS ON A MASS SCALE.

  • Jesus christ, what you did on pokemon should be on porhub

  • lesson number 1: please move the cursor...................

  • The Yellow run from this event has since been improved to below 10 minutes via a new route! th-tv.org/tv/วีดีโอ-L9P82Owm4Kk.html

  • Huge shoutouts to simpleflips

  • Someone needs to shave 2.6 seconds from that run. Then we would have the 420 JP 1-key dab run for _all_ of the memes.

  • Hey, i have a question about TASbot. Is he an artificial intelligence that learns what you're supposed to do in a game and plays it through as a speedrun or does he just play back button presses?

    • Button presses! In the vid they mention who wrote which code I believe.

  • but is it possible in 0.5 A presses?

  • ah yes, another set of TAS runs that are nothing but mario games...

    • pretty weird to scroll over this comment while watching a pokemon speedrun

  • Daniel Remar is great and has other games aside from Hyper Princess Pitch. His game Hero Core is phenomenal. It’s monochrome retro style shooter/metroidvania. You’re floating around a giant asteroid in space that is home to a giant self-aware robot that produces smaller robots to destroy humanity. It’s a lot of fun, check it out. You won’t regret it.

    • Also, to anyone reading, you should play Remar's platformer/shooter Iji.

  • Ah, a multimillion-dollar event and nobody can check the settings on a laptop. Amazing. Quality.

    • +roetemeteor So you're not wrong. If we didn't test anything ahead of time we'd be deserving of heavy criticism. In this case we did extensive testing in the weeks prior to the event as well as in the practice room at the event and successfully completed everything with no issues. On stage, however, I encountered an issue right before the run started where I saw an issue with the USB cable. I reinserted it and it ran normally so I went live. During the run I visibly shifted (you can see me do it) and it caused the cable to misbehave again. It was at that point I was positive it really was a bad cable and I asked for the spare I took on stage just in case of a failure. Based on this explanation I hope you are willing to give me a bit more credit but I understand that failure always looks bad. (Regarding TiKevin83 not thinking to plug in his laptop, well, let's just say it's something I'd like to think I wouldn't forget to do myself but I'm unfortunately guilty of having done it in the past as has many a soul here and I'm not willing to be overly harsh.)

    • +dwangoAC, keeper of TASBot No offense to you, but shouldn't you have at least confirmed your hardware wayyyy in advance before this, or engineered some solution to prevent these malfunctions? This isn't me asking as some piece of shit commenter, but as an electrician. Seems if you knew something was vital and it was for an important task, on the field in execution would be the worst time to attempt to solve a problem. I'm of course assuming you didn't bread box this kind of stuff before hand, though. You may actually have done everything correct and it just went south as things tend to do. Works 100 times in private, malfunctions the moment you make it public.

    • +roetemeteor The former was due to Hourglass only working on one out of four computers we tried it on and the backup plan didn't, well, go to plan. The latter was a result of me running the run from my laptop and I had had trouble that I dismissed right before the run. I'd point out however that I had a spare cable with me on stage and came prepared.

    • Ah, a multi million-dollar event and nobody can invest in a secured cable. Amazing. Quality.

  • mercy killing princess pitch was kind of a fucked up thing to do. probably wouldn't have taken as much time to reset as super mario world, and even then it's a much smaller game and needs all of the recognition it can get.

    • We'd had a lot of trouble with HPP due to Hourglass being, well, Hourglass. We only had one PC it was working on and the reset sequence wasn't reliable. I don't intend to do another Hourglass run.

  • I'm always having fun, when I see Videos like these. :)

  • didn't beat TerminalMontage [Jeremey]'s run tho: th-tv.org/tv/วีดีโอ-ff9ldkz1h1M.html

  • 2:44 Holy crap, that is incredible!

  • whys that guy always looking to the left? haha

  • *Parallel Universes*

  • How would you not know about pu's? Doesnt anyone else watch pannenkoek?

    • I know. Its just a joke

    • Phantom Soul it’s a huge crowd, not all of them are big or too keen on sm64 terms, some of them might not even speedrun any game or they stay within their own preferable games community

  • *Looking at a shocked pikachu meme.* *sees thumbnail* Me: thumbnail

  • *Watches Pokémon yellow run* seems normal... oh no... it's 4F!

  • TAS is like going from a crawl to light speed.

  • Does TASbot have emotions ? Does "IT" appreciate when people clap?.

  • TAS block this yr did not go smoothly lol.

    • Eh, we had two blips but honestly the second one allowed for more time to do commentary and overall I'm happy with the sum total of everything.

  • Games done quick? More like games done awkwardly

  • "...that level was called .....heck..." seriously GDQ is so fricken strict the guy was worried about getting banned for saying hell I bet. God damn

    • +Cash Nelson Okay, I'll find a new hobby and then laugh my ass off when other people like me, who are also tired of people that don't know jack shit about the series they're complaining about shit they don't know actually getting traction for some reason, also leave and suddenly it's a dieing franchise. Also to be fair I do agree with the titty armor thing but that's because historical accuracy gets me rock hard, even if it means mandick the titty smithy won't get anymore work.

    • +Krulla Chief it's pretty weird how when people go "hey this sucks" at unrealistic scant titty armor dudes like you will cry about letting the developers make what they want, but when games start including diverse casts it's some kind of sjw invasion ruining franchises. very weird. really weird. anyway if all your franchises are ruined feel free to find a new hobby, you won't be missed

    • hahahahah imagine being so mad GDQ won't let you say the n word or whatever you decide "hell" is suddenly a slur

    • nottacop who?

    • +Shinora Then explain why WhiteGoose got banned...

  • Tas for games you played or know the intended ways is so much more entertaining but when it's something like a Mario world hack Its like meh whatever another Mario tas

  • Wait, isn't this TASBlock longer than some of the main GDQ blocks?

  • Really cool how did they do this TAS? are they putting codes per Frames?

    • JP Tolentino a TAS allows them to put any controller input on specific frames

  • 3:09 S T O P

  • Huh cheese!?!

  • That's, like, a solid hour of commentary that I didn't understand a goddamn word of...

    • Yeah that accent was thicc

    • To be fair it does get better about half way through the video. Abbreviations and technical terms are not your friends, though.

    • ...And that was *after* we'd rehearsed for hours trying to figure out how on earth to explain all the technicalities of the runs. It's nearly incomprehensible. Edit: I mean, I'm the one that was in charge of commentary and even I admit that without knowledge of the game it's nearly impossible to keep up, but I'd welcome suggestions. :)

  • An A Press is an A Press

  • that ROB is cool

  • Mushrooms are one heck of a drug

  • Shoutout to guy forgetting to disable sleep mode while on stage and live, we've all been there my fella. I couldn't do what you all are doing.

    • ​+Mike G damn you're kind of a prick arent you? your shitty uncalled-for joke isn't even a good one - they specifically didn't go to the power options and move a slider lmfao that second comment is really the cherry on a shit sundae, i want a whiny flailing alpha male rant of my own

    • Frank is this your boyfriend or something Frank? Stop comment stalking me you fucking weirdo. This kid had a job to do, he fucked it up. I’m making fun of him. Get over it you little bitch.

    • +Mike G You're just 7 shades of dickhead, aren't you?

    • Mike G pretty sure he’s saying he couldn’t go up on stage live in front of thousands and thousands of people to present something like this

    • you can't go into the power options and move a slider? really?

  • dab% super mario 64 run.

  • am I the only one who would give tasbot a hug?

    • I give TASBot a hug sometimes. It's not a very warm embrace back, though...

  • In the taste yellow what category was it in? Cause if it doesn't matter then the time should have been below a minute not 10 minutes

    • The category is called No Save Corruption, so specifically not the save corruption instant win glitch :) we mention this during the credits roll

  • but can it do it in 0.5 A presses?

  • has there any vids of TAS on Touhou Shumps?

  • I watch Mr A press himself, and I still barely understood this

  • i wonder if some of the developers of these mario games sometimes watch tas videos of there game and wonder what happened to there game

    • +Pr0tal Player yea ok i was more thinking about the old nintendo games like sm64 or people that made smw and now see what people did with there games.

    • S a l z item abuse was made to be tased so yeah probably

  • His laptop went to sleep. What a moron. This entire presentation is beyond cringe.

    • hahaha damn you really are whining all over this comments section huh

    • +Drakkona123 Oh trust me, we tried. We installed Hourglass which was used to make the run on four different stream PC's. None of them functioned at all. The only one that worked was that crappy laptop. Sometimes your backup plan doesn't work as well as the primary plan would have and it's just the way it is. (I do not intend to pitch Hourglass content again, it's too unstable.)

    • +Mike G Not to mention he admitted it was a shitty dual core laptop, like they couldn't bring in an actual gaming pc for this?

    • +Golfbob I know it was an honest mistake. That's why it's cringy. This guy made a mistake in front of hundreds of thousands of people that was ridiculously easy to avoid. He was just careless.That's cringy. The entire presentation relied on his computer, and he didn't even take the time to make sure it wouldn't go to sleep.

    • Eh, honest mistake. I didn’t find anything cringey about this at all. Especially compared to normal AGDQ cringe

  • He sounds like Elon musk

  • 52:30 So glad we got to see the item abuse TAS

  • yo wtf

  • We're living in a world where you can beat SM64 more quickly than you can beat the original Super Mario Bros. Whoa.

  • TasBot bout to be my baby daddy

  • But first, we have to talk about parallel universes

  • Amazing.