Take An Inside Look At Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas' Emotional Wedding (Full) | PeopleTV

เผยแพร่เมื่อ 4 ธ.ค. 2018
The former Quantico star, Priyanka Chopra, and musician, Nick Jonas, exchanged vows not once but twice in front of family and friends in two beautiful ceremonies in Jodhpur, India. Check out the celebrity power couple’s exclusive wedding footage from their gorgeous ceremonies on PeopleTV.
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Take An Inside Look At Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas' Emotional Wedding (Full) | PeopleTV


  • I still have a chance to meet the right man for me ❤️

  • Do you know who the girl is

  • 0:16 bitch got a seizure or something?

  • Their wedding was literally better than that other wedding that happened earlier this year that was supposed to be a big deal. Who was that again?

  • They only started dating and they’re married? Oh jeez, I hope they last even two years when they honeymoon phase is over.

  • Priyanka and Sophie @3:23

  • I relate to ther relationship just like mine 🙏🏼

  • Ohkay so Beyonce and JayZ have an age gap of about 12 years, so do Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Hugh Jackman is literally 13 years younger than his wife. I don't see why they are an exception. They are beautiful together. Also, no one has the right to make a judgement about their decision. It is their life, their choice and they are probably better off without your personal opinion because you are not the one living their life rn. Imagine having 100 million people framing an opinion about you based on one simple choice you made in your life for yourself.

  • Wedding of the century!

  • The amount of haters in the comment section is so 😑😷😷 Some of you guys need a life

  • Barf. They could have fed several thousand families for what they spent. Imagine a simple wedding and donations to Indian children (or American, for that matter). True love doesn't require millions wasted to impress.

  • Fuck pryianka chopra she supports the mass genocide of Sikhs.

  • I’m surprised that a hard core Christian would marry a non Christian woman.

  • When two beautiful people get married, they have a societal obligation to produce as many babies as possible. Please have lots and lots of babies!!!! Mixed babies are the cutest! >.

  • But they didn't even show the second wedding..

  • Indian wedding ceremonies are downright beautiful. I've attended many of them being an Indian and am always surprised by the question: who started this tradition? Our ancestors must have been a bunch of awesome people! Plus, they got married in Rajasthan. The Royal Palaces in Rajasthan are stunning in their aesthetics. Rajasthan is one of the best states to enjoy India's ancient heritage and culture...

  • This is some Disney shit going on.

  • Feeling Brave? Click on one of these links. I dare you. refer.amex.us/EVeNSTcLkg?XLINK=MYCP refer.amex.us/EVeNST14VQ?XLINK=MYCP th-tv.org/tv/วีดีโอ-893NEgpvQ08.html th-tv.org/tv/วีดีโอ-sT-loCHMR2A.html th-tv.org/tv/วีดีโอ-r2PO--THeD4.html

  • Simply breathtaking 💕

  • look like elder sister and younger brother

  • It’s so funny no one ever said anything about Catherine Zeta Jones’ and Michael Douglas’ age difference- yeah she is not the cougar but just an observation. I never had a problem with it. I was always happy for them. Guess people just can not be happy for others.

  • They're a beautiful couple and all, but based on how most relationships that happen in showbiz, I have this awful feeling they wouldn't last long. Hope I'm wrong! There are a lot of Showbiz peeps that lasted for decades, so let's hope for the other way around 😅

  • Isn’t he a gay ?

  • Getting married just after 2 mths in hollywood is NOT love!!! If they really did love eachother, why would they not take the time to get to know eachother before getting engaged and getting married? Look at his brother Joe and Sophie. They got engaged and is in no rush to run to the alter. This rushed wedding seems very fishy. Its like she planned her wedding before even meeting a guy in hollywood. She is only looking for a boost in hollywood. I guess she got it because i cant seem to NOT see her on instagram and youtube!! 🤨

  • Just don’t see it working two different worlds. This wedding was a made huge publicly only because they wanted to show that Indians do marry Westerners. But in reality they never do they stick to their own kind. I don’t see it lasting forever.

  • I give it a year

  • She better take care of my bb 😭💛

  • Luke warm fame at best, and for nothing.

  • AIMAN KHAN KE SAMNE NA TO DEEPIKA AUR NA HI PRIYANKA 😂😂😂😂😝😝 Kuch bolne se pehle ja ke aiman khan ki mehndi ,mayu aur nikkah ki pics dekh lena

  • Pathetic. Vile. Immoral. Distasteful. Crass. Vulgar. One could go on and on. Yes, congrats on getting married and hope they are happy together but this is disgustingly over the top. In a nation when millions of Indian children writhe around in the mud for grains of rice, these idiots waste millions on pointless ego fuelled "celebrations". And what's with the stupid dancing? Indians need to get this OTT wedding crap under control. Be more humble, more austere. Your people starve and rot on the streets and these billionaires and "elites" spend obscene fortunes just to show how rich they are. Just feed a million children instead and have a simple registry function. That would be a proper blessing for a union, not stupid and embarrassing televised Bollywood dancing (the groom just look awkward and silly in his Indian outfit). And if they divorce in a couple of years (as these unions usually do), what a bunch of prats these two will look then. Pathetic.

  • *The world most hot..couple i think so that*

  • Their life , their business.

  • When 2 people love each other dearly, they should be together and be blessed regardlless who they are or what they are. And society should not dictate or critizes them for many reasons they think is inappropriate. Lets just wish them happiness.

  • So if they started dating in may and nick proposed after her birthday, doesn't that mean they've only dated for three months. Im sorry but this was rushed

  • *Wet fart*

  • I give it 4 years.

  • India is very dangerous and scary

  • Greatness Continuance Congratulations!☺

  • They are a beautiful couple I wish them the best of what life can offer.God bless them and there futher children.😍

  • The fan girs and racists in the comment being mad at the wedding stay mad lmao also tot he fan girls did you really think if he wasnt marrying priyanka he'd go with you..get out of your fantasy world.Also their age doesnt matter as long as they're happy no one says anythong about old men marrying young girls! George clooney is like 13+ years older than his wife. DOUBLE STANDARDS.. if you have nothing nice to say dont say it

  • Ugggh but he was supposed to marry me

  • She's 10years older than him lol

  • Who actually gives 2 shits


  • Is Jonas legal to marry yet?

  • She’s basically my dream woman. What a lucky prick!

  • I didnt she was india.... well I’m happy for you them

  • Let's see how long this lasts.

  • awkward looking couple. but eh whatever makes them happy.

  • WHO?

  • My parents would kill me if I married a Indian girl over a white girl.... so not sure how nicks emotions work. Not that I ever would as I don’t find them attractive at all just wondering is this actually normal? Wouldn’t white parents disown you?

    • most people don't and shouldn't care about race or religion

  • Cringe.

  • That is a long dress

  • She looked ugly ,, in fact she is ugly

    • that's rude and untrue

  • im done.... Nicky boiiii...... Never thought this was your start but well done XD

  • No offence but priyanka is kinda overrated. I’m Indian, she’s very well known for her looks but there are loads more Indian actresses who are prettier than her. But she’s still cool 💕

  • Why does he look like he's puking in the photo in the thumbnail?

  • Priyanka is 10 years older then Nick?

  • Priyanka chopra is like priyanka Karki in nepali

  • Give it a year lol

  • I love this so much you can feel how happy they are just by seeing them together 😭❤️

  • please, tell me the name of the song playing at the beginning of the video

  • All I thought about watching this was $$$$$$.

  • Why am I tearing up damn

  • Not crying at all...

  • Waiting for the divorce news coming... huhuhu...

  • Why can’t black men marry Indian women in India? Can Anyone answer this question??? Preferably an Indian Hindi person. Because this should be considered as a “mixed religion” marriage correct, how does that work. Or is it the money and status of a white man that attracts women and her family in the Indian community? Just questions


  • Why would he pick that ugly rag like she is UGGGGGG LY LIKE WTF

  • Nick wedding with aunty Very Bad taste

  • Some of you are very hateful and unkind some couples just know when they are right for each other and who are we to judge. I am extremely happy for them! I pray they have a long and happy marriage!

  • Priyanka + Nick = prick 😂

  • They're the real life Cece and Schmidt 👏👏

  • 😘😘😘😘

  • E news how long this wedding is gonna last

  • God bless them congratulations

  • Satan

  • So magical and beautiful. I love it all. Her dress was stunning. 💍❤️💝🙌🏾

  • Didnt this mofo try to close down a beach? I mean sure it was a movie... but if you play a bad character your probably evil irl.. Right?

  • so cute

  • Their kids are gonna be so goddamn gorgeous

  • 1:38 Did you just call her "Prianka Shopra" cool cool.

  • some of these comments are just ppl saying they aren’t gonna last long y’all must be so jealous that he didn’t marry y’all 😹

  • LOVE!!!

  • Wow I don’t even have enough money to plan one wedding

  • Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. Have an excellent day :)

  • I heard it was the most lavish and expensive wedding actually

  • Does anyone know that the 4th Jonas brother went to prison 😂😂

  • Wait so is nick subscribed to pewdipie or t series??

  • Meghan markle is a gold digger. Meanwhile Priyanka is a girl power.

  • Wow😘😘😘

  • They're so cute!!!!

  • She is an addict to fame and money this won't last. As soon as Quantico gets dropped she then falls for Nick Jonas . Story of her career not a role model for woman She did the same with her drama with Shah Rukh Khan (famous Bollywood actor). Her career was failing so had an affair with him, and her career back up again

  • She's 36 she looks younger

  • 😍😍 Wedding of the century 😍😍 Sorry Meghan and Harry

  • It is Chopra with /ch/ not /sh/ 🙄🙄🙄

  • Too much talking very few wedding pictures 👎

  • Ahhh finally he got to smash that thicc indian booty

  • 🤮 🐑

  • Will be divorced in couple of years, that's what these celebrity's do as usual!! Sorry to say that but it's true