Ryan Reynolds Is Straight Savage

เผยแพร่เมื่อ 27 ก.ย. 2018
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  • "These... These... Help your ass die" Love it

  • inspirational

  • I love that the entire movie is just him being himself in a Deadpool suit lol

  • I love that the entire movie is just him being himself in a Deadpool suit lol

  • Deadpool trying to be Ryan Reynolds...

  • he truly is deadpool

  • Reynolds is effing hilarious, I gotta give it up. The laws of life should however make him at least less attractive in exchange for being funny

  • You smell so bad I can hear it.

  • he is deadpool and deadpool is ryan

  • *Straight*

  • Ha! Hood olive branch...

  • Just love that man

  • No one will believe me, but I'm Celine Dion's cousin. I found out last year.

  • Thank you this help your ass die .... Oofff..

  • You smell so bad i can hear it .... 🤯

  • Only thing im thinking about is deadpool

  • Weeellll, I wouldnt say straight,..

  • Dude, I frickin love your Channel

  • Was Green Lantern that bad? It was ok to me.

  • While I’ve had a couple, I’m laughing my ass off. He’s so damn funny!

  • Next company products Ryan Ret-Tots A less, cheap, totally organic and original product (Totally not a rip-off of pop tarts)

  • I’m back watching this whole thing months after watching it just for a laugh


  • Ryan reynolds' dead pool in Avengers infinity war.

  • I actually LIKED Green Lantern! Van Wilder.... Yeah....

  • Ryan Reynolds vs RDJ Who would win???? My choice RDJ

  • Deadpool is such a great actor.

  • Deadpool talks smack to Thanos

  • 0:33 And that doesn't count the ones whose seen on on the net. wow not bad.

  • Dead pool for President 2020

  • I worked from home for a year and taught my 11 year old daughter to make a Tom Collins every day at 4:00 PM for me. Am I a bad father?

  • Savage Reynolds!

  • Am I the only person who liked green lantern it wasn’t that bad geez

  • Stark, Wade and Quill need to roast each other 😂

  • Josh: "Ryan, you peaked at Turbo."

  • Look out people green lanturn core is coming 2021 more of this yay.

  • Nobody talks about Safe House, he was really good in that movie.

  • hes a libtard.

  • Josh Brolin, clearly out of his depth. I love both these guys!....uh, that last statement, slightly flamming, sorry mom.

  • A very handsome John Ritter. That's a good thing.

  • Ur brutal 🔥🤩💸

  • When Josh says "ive never seen green lantern" and Ryan says "neither have i" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Who is the guy he is talking trash with

  • For those who may not remember he started on Two guys a girl and a pizza place.

  • *how does he keep the straight face*

  • I love the insults

  • I actually like green lantern.

  • *Got sad when the video ended*

  • This makes me want to rewatch 2 Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place.

  • Deadpool 2 is nowhere nearly as good as Deadpool - unfortunately!

  • Green lantern, end of career and yet your still going. Why. None of us understand 😂😂

  • He looks young for his age

  • I love how 80% of this is Ryan being straight savage about *himself.*

  • 0:53 The perfect amount of scruff...guess you can say its perfectly balanced scruff..as all things should be.

  • Id forgotten how attractive Ryan is. I already know he's funny as shit

  • i wanna see Ryan Reynolds and Chris Pratt in the same movie, Deadpool meets Starlord or some shit, that would be epic.

  • RIP Ryan Reynolds 2019

  • I actually like green lantern

  • Deadpool was less of a movie and more of documentary.

  • I have limitations to laughing

  • 💓

  • Wow , Ryan’s so funny Jimmy didn’ t even have time to fake laugh!

  • That’s so Deadpool

  • Ryan Reynolds is deadpool incarnate

  • Easy way to beat thanos, get him in a room with Deadpool. Thanos can't kill him and more than likely get a lot of great laughs.

  • Ryan Reynolds is to Deadpool what Robert John Downey Jr. is to Iron Man

  • ....green lantern.....sorry 😂😂😂😂

  • Ryan Reynolds is an Asshole.

  • Is Ryan Reynolds deadpool in real life?

  • Possibly my favorite Canadian.

  • Jimmy Fallon' is SHITE and his laugh is as fake as Jordan's tits

  • Fuck. I dunno whether if it's because i'm a bit drunk, or cuz, i'm a bit smart, but this is neither savage nor funny. Yet love the dude, at least when he's acting. But thumbs down for JustKorvac.

  • @ 0:03 I actually liked green lantern 😅😂

  • just get your own bottle :LOL

  • Dead ass from ny

  • Ive probably seen Deadpool 2 like 20x so far

  • "You smell so bad...I can hear it." 😂

  • Ryan is hillarious i have not stopped laughing

  • i want his penis

  • The funny thing is Ryan Reynolds idea for the sequel would have worked so well cause thats exactly the kind of shit Deadpool would do.

  • What was the guy at 6.02 doing... Creepy

  • Tristicle lol

  • 2:02

  • He’s right

  • Ryan Reynolds was meant to play Deadpool

  • "What the hell is on your head? Is that a pack of newports?" I died when that happened 🤣💯

  • Wow... was he even trying in dead pool?

  • jimmy is always awkward.. not cool dude.. but who cares..

  • Canada's apology for burning down the White House, is giving us Ryan Reynolds.

  • You smell so bad I can hear it

  • the sirius xfm bits are fucking cringey jesus

  • actually, Deadpool IS real. we just call him Ryan Reynolds

  • this video should be demonitized. its just cut and put back togheter with 4 diffrent videos.

  • He is Deadpool

  • He star as Archer in a live action movie!

  • Lmao Ryan Reynolds on sways universe was cringe. Two different cultures. He seemed uncomfortable

  • Ray has wit dose he not lol

  • Thank you Pikachu, very cool.

  • A hero

  • I could watch Ryan roast thanos all day long 🤣🤣🤣🤣 josh’s comebacks were amazing though 👏👏👏