Ryan Gosling Is Always High

เผยแพร่เมื่อ 19 มิ.ย. 2018
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  • justin Bieber: when girls see me they scream Ryan Gosling: hold my beer...

    • Ryan gosling has a recessed bone structure

    • You are so right

    • They were born in the same hospital in London, Ontario Canada

    • +voidremoved i think it's rather about the illusion of knowing someone, who also happens to look good/somehow charming.what we can only know is their public personas. But Gosling seems to be an interesting person. Did you see Lost River, the movie he made? And have you ever listened to Dead Man's Bones? And his choice of movies. He is not just a pretty face, there is somebody in there, at home. Things going on in his mind, stuff he wants to talk about. I may never know who he is but I am keeping tabs on him, I find him interesting and sometimes I wonder if it would be better for him to go fully independent for a while, since he now has money to get by and even make his own movies, too.

    • Literally tho 😂

  • We need a movie with the two Ryan’s!!! Gosling and Reynolds am I right?!?

  • hes like a younger harrison ford lol

  • Women=worst audience

  • He reminds me of James dean

  • Harrison Ford was laughing, that's rare.

  • Just murder number 5 while playing :)

  • *🤤🤤🤤*

  • "Ever seen a hundred women get wet a the same time? Watch this."

  • why is he looking away from ellen....?

  • wtfk is with Ellen?

  • Gah it’s me real terrible to be him...🙄

  • Ooohh noo that pizza box ellen boottyy noooo

  • Soooo, if hundreds of women scream and shout over a man it's okay, but if guys do that, it's sexual harassment? Seems legit.

  • i like him beacause if you ever notice when everyone is cheering he looks away or down means he doesnt feel as special as everyone thinks he is thats a good quality trait

  • This is female porn

  • *your brain sends your tongue to investigate*

  • Christ, people watch this shite?

  • Long story short it was Ryan gosling

  • This nigga is hilarious

  • That Black Woman is hilarious I love her

  • i just realised ellen is an annoying old woman

  • Ryan - the coolest clone to date

  • "Loose hair" 😂

  • The sound of the sreams shoild be quiter

  • This is the kind of dude you would hate first because he's really handsome and popular and every girl just falls for him but then you get to meet him and hang out with him and you end up loving him too

  • Ryan gosling is just unbearably unattainable

  • Never seen Harrison laugh so much lol

  • change the title to ‘ryan gosling is always tired’

  • 6:16 her head is disproportional to her body dont @ me

  • Brilliant guy! 😘

  • Breaker HIGH! 😬

  • Look under your chairs!!! It’s a Cadillac! LOL

  • Oh hey Ryan Reynolds

  • no lie tho this dude smoke heavy, yes the title was as a joke but his guess is right dude smoke lmaooo

  • I find him ugly but his personality makes him attractive. Goes to show ugly men u CAN get the ladies! Just have a bangin personality!

  • How is he so cute?


  • 3:56 she let it rip

  • ...on 'potenues?

  • Gosling and Ford should hang out more, haven't seen the old man that lively in decades!

  • Is he actually always high?

  • 3:49 that was one good 2 vs 2 interview 😂lmao

  • Is he the Deadpool guy?

  • I lost it when he pulled the shooter out and poured a drink during that interview.

  • How powerful are TH-tv comments right now? All this power feels... Wrong... 😈

  • I thought he said: "Dios mio!" 2:24

  • T yo oi brah who would u rather fuck me or orlando bloom, ye but like whats he got that i dont have rip unknown solider POGCHAMP OF THE LOT MADE THE YAKUZA HAND 10 alott harder

  • Ryan gosling is the devil man i swear

  • Hey girl