Pokemon: The Horror Movie (Official Fake Trailer)

เผยแพร่เมื่อ 21 ต.ค. 2018
What it's really like for Pokemon from their point of view... If Pokemon were a horror movie.
See Bloopers and Behind the Scenes here: th-tv.org/tv/วีดีโอ-4L4NDG3VkEA.html
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  • YT GODfather i beg of thy to DO a Reryan but on a much larger scale do it with your youtube know how razmataz and make it a Hugh Mungus collaboration, I am speaking on the scale of HUMAN CAKE or even bigger, if anyone can do it. It. is. YOUUU! Much respect, admiration and love.

  • wow it was so real i thought that I was watching a real movie trailer

  • This is a big coincidence. Even the battle of pikachu in this video was against charizard. Someone is telekenetic

  • that was sick maaaaaaaaaaan woooooooow. I really loved it

  • Ash the killer : i only the killer nobody can stop me Jeff the killer:Hold my knife Wtf

  • Real story of pokemon reveled....luv you ryan

  • Are you from Japan?

  • Childhood Ruined! Haha Gotta love it tho

  • Dear Ryan Hi

  • Ok I want this to be a real movie

  • I would actually go and watch this movie lol

  • Gotta catch em all...ehehehheheh tehee

  • Dear ryan, can you make yt rewind 2018 better?

  • ew lol

  • Ok but like I would actually watch that movie the concept is just SO COOL! And it would make a great movie tbh! Even though it’s a little ridiculous

  • I will NEVER see Pokemon the same again and now if you will excuse me I have to curl up in a ball and cry for an hour straight

  • hi

  • Low key want to see this in theaters 😂

  • Ok how did this actually kinda frighten me?

  • that was way messed up then I though, but would still watch it nice job !

  • Ryan I love you so gooddddddd

  • Most pokemon can kill their trainer lol So I'm not actually scared

    • I forgot but most animals do that lol

    • Where did you here that?

  • Dear Ryan Please make A roblox version I love the cringey stuff lol or make a Sonic.Exe

  • Oh my God this actually scared me.

  • Dear ryan can you do a youtube rewind ?

  • 👎👎👎👎

  • Dear Ryan, Where is Reryan 2018 bruh?

  • Kuya, Ryan plz make a full movie

  • Dear Ryan, Can you make a 2018 TH-tv ReRyan ?

  • This reminds me of Kubo and the Two Strings with the beginning.

  • Oh god! Ryan! Well played!!

  • This is the best trailer I’ve ever seen

  • I should have never watched this

  • can you make a mine craft horror skit

  • This is better than the live action

  • I didn't know Pokemon could take such a dark turn lol

  • Make skit about how it feels to be kratos for god of war!

  • Dear Ryan, please release a full version of the trailer, I will pay $80 just to see this honestly...

  • I just want this movie now plsssss this is awesome

  • This makes me want to release all my Pokemon :'(

  • I'm lost. That teehee at the last? Man. It's epic.

  • Wow this was awesome I was actually scared for an instant 😱😱😱😱😅😅😅

  • oh thanks for ruining pokemon for me

  • duuuuuuuuude

  • Dear Ryan can you make a horror skit about being on Santa's naughty list

  • This just ruined my childhood... :'| hahaha....

  • You were mentioned in mr beasts video worst thumbnails three

  • Do a air soft war

  • Wow i actually like to watch the whole movie

  • thanks for ruining my childhood

  • Only world that came out of my mouth while watching this: *OMG!!!! WOW!!!!*

  • It’s funny, cause they are Japanese.


  • It gives me depre-Sean

  • Dear RYAN,can you do a fortnite dance challenge.

  • DEAR RYAN Can you do a HORROR MOVIE about how to draw die

  • Tell me why this was way better than the Kim Possible trailer....

  • That Is us.Human Belongs to Dog' Trust me

  • You ruin my childhood yet again...

  • and momma pikachu had volt absorb....

  • I am scarred for life ;-;

  • I

  • That scared me a lot at the end

  • Why is NigaHiga not a producer now, im saying

  • No matter how serious the trailer gets, that TeeHee in the end will make you grin. :D

  • The Real Question is. What was he doing to the mom? 🍆🍑

  • i mean... if you disobey, the trainer could be like “THIS POKEMON SUCKS. and then sets you free with the PC

  • Dear Ryan can you make a christmas rap song parody


  • It was a little scay

  • lol.............

  • No joke this actually scared me. It ended and I'm still sitting here with the chills

  • This would be a great movie

  • why is he not uploading

  • This could be movie and I want to watch it

  • Dear Ryan, make a movie of this.

  • Should make a how to be cool video

  • Digimon : bestfriends Pokemon : slavery

  • Stop making movies I want to watch but can’t

  • good shit

  • Dude if your going to post for like once a month you should probably make your videos more catchy or else your gonna loose your views and subs. (Just a suggestion, i love the effort that you did to make this video)

  • Holy shit this was amazing.

  • Omg I want this to be a movieeeee!!!😩💙😩💙

  • this was really scary ...Ryan is getting more creative!

  • Cool

  • Shut up and take my money !

  • Dear ryan can you help pewdiepie vs T series?

  • 2:09 Open captions:Nani

  • XD

  • You are talented

  • u mum gei

  • Good job I’m ever going to look at Pokémon the same

  • Low key they stole his idea.

  • This made me not wanna play pokemon

  • Please make this a movie

  • Uhhh how much must I pay to make this a movie?

  • Your videos are really the best quality shit on TH-tv

  • Make a trailer for Myers please!

  • Teehee

  • This is funny and sad at the same time. It is like ‘Finding Nemo’!