Movies That Should NEVER Be Remade - SJU

เผยแพร่เมื่อ 12 พ.ย. 2018
Our SJU panel talks about movies that should NEVER EVER EVER be remade plus more leftover fan questions - it's SJ Universe!
Hosted by Spencer Gilbert & Joe Starr
Featuring: Billy Business & Roxy Striar
Produced by Billy Business
Tech Director: Josh "JTE" Tapia
Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand
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Movies That Should NEVER Be Remade - SJU


  • Hey All, We are out of the office today and pre-taped SJU. We are very sad about the passing of Stan Lee, and will of course address on tomorrow's show. RIP Stan Lee.

    • Hang in there. It is indeed crummy news.

    • Today's a sad day for Marvel fans and MCU for the best Marvel cameos in every film including mallrats. RIP Stan Lee

    • Hell of a day to do a recording :/

    • He was talking about "An American Werewolf in Paris" lol

  • "Movie where they spend the night in Target" was Career Opportunities with Jennifer Connelly.

  • There is no Deadpool story! ;')

  • They should pretty much stop all (!) remakes. But for the sake of fun, my favorite movies that should never be remade: Alien, Star Wars, The Crow, Big Trouble in little China, Rambo, The Wanderers, Top Gun, Die Hard, Gremlins, ET, Jaws, The Warriors, Starship Troopers

  • is the tv show the Con Man web series? billy used to work for comic conventions

  • I LOVED A MOM FOR CHRISTMAS. but it wasn't daryl hannah it was Olivia Newton-John

  • what show is he talking about that was about him?

  • its not funny on kimmel its not funny here

  • Love that they say "get low key" instead of "smoke weed"

  • Highlander endgame was tge remake and the tv show was good

  • You know what they should remake? My Science Project. I haven't seen that movie forever but I remember it being pretty cool.

  • Roxy makes it better.

  • The deadpool story has become clickbate. 😁

  • Come on internet detectives, what show is Billy talking about?

  • "Of it's time" is a great quote. No point in remaking a movie that can essentially be resolved with like a cell phone.

  • Tim Burton's version of The Birds would just be Johnny Depp playing each of the birds.

  • mmNJust here trying to help you dudes with watch time and viewer interaction. This is the closest I can get to financially supporting the channels, so here’s my little bit. Thanks for the content, and I hope to see and honest trailer, and Commentary, as soon as copies of. Happytime Murders can be bought.

  • Neverending Story could adapt the full book (original movie is only the first half) and show creatures like Ygramul the Many! I'm really looking forward to Spielberg's West Side Story. For one thing, the Sharks could now actually be played by Puerto Ricans, and not people painted brown. I think a Scarface remake could be good. I love the original, and the De Palma one is crazy fun, but I think it's one you could update again. Though I what I like better is A Most Violent Year, starring Oscar Isaac, which was kind of the anti-Scarface, and great. The only movies I wouldn't want to see remade are those that are too much a product of their era or creative vision. Two of my big examples are Citizen Kane and Easy Rider. A lot of the 80s movies mentioned also fit into one or both of those issues. But even if a remake is bad, it doesn't hurt me any. The original is still there, and in many cases the remake gets forgotten.

  • American werewolf in Paris was a remake of AWIL

  • wasn't birdemic a remake of the birds?

  • Please keep teasing the Deadpool story for the next two months.

  • Would be interested in a remake of "Dreamscape".

  • As a former submariner, I can say that MOST submarine movies are incredibly silly. The only one I can think of that gets it right is Down Periscope.

    • I had a friend say this about the "Last Resort" TV show (2012). All the formality and hierarchy was not reflective of real life on board.

  • Excelsior, Mr. Lee! You taught us that with great power comes great responsibility, that we all have to fight to control the beast inside us, and that working together as a family we can overcome any obstacle. You gave us the courage to fight against bigotry and injustice, and made us feel we werent alone even when it seemed the world was against us. You showed us what it means to be a hero, even if we are flawed to the core, and inspired millions to be better human beings. I dont know if there is a greater gift that can be given to the world, and your influence will echo like thunder for generations to come, long after your name is forgotten. Thanks old friend, and safe travels!

  • What’s Billy’s show?! I need to know!!

  • i hate the big bang theory just for how it treats fandom as your an outcast and a loser.

  • Robo cop...wait...fahk...

  • I hope they never remake Frankenhooker it was a classic and should be untouched

  • IT Crowd is way exaggerated, but the feel of how IT is treated in a company is right on. Also, I have always felt that Office Space was on point about the drudgery of corporate life.

  • I bet that the show Billy was talking about is Entourage .

  • Godfather should never be remade.

  • the Deadpool story was the friends we made along the way

  • Yes Billy! Mom for Christmas is amazing

  • They made a TV Remake of Dirty Dancing a couple years was awful lol

  • Omg a mom for Christmas is a classic guilty pleasure Hahahaha it’s Olivia Newton John though not Daryl Hannah :)

  • if u want a direct representation of working retail in Australia, watch Rostered On, it's on Netflix

  • the police academy movies have aged well and so has the short circuit franchise maybe you could do a cinematic universe between the police academy ppl and the short circuit ppl and it would be done through both warner brothers and columbia and tristar pictures but kept at a PG/PG-13 Level, the original police academy had only the One R one, today even if you were going to get off having so Many hijinks even with some mild love scene nudity for the police officers, it would have to be PG-13 but in order to make johnny 5 way way way way way better than he did in the original short circuit 2 when those robbers tried to harm him, what you could do is, have these cops in police academy protect the robot, and the scientists would stay with the robot , and the reprogrammed johnny 5 could play a bunch of different music that he could dance to that the officers and the scientists would enjoy as well as other fun scenes

  • The birds was more like a comedy when I watched it in high school coz there was nothing scary about the effects

  • manequin, definately could be a good choice for a modern remake

  • my opinion about real genius as well is that movie aged well i think if the right writer did a good story and you have like a new team of actors and actresses a reboot of that story could work

  • weird science aged well that it could use a remake if the story was done well, you could have a New team of actors and a actress that could play the two boys that make the lady

  • a modern update of my fair lady could work, but make it a comedy

  • The book Starship Troopers is not fascist and if you think it is you probably haven't read it.

  • Remaking Flash Gordon? And with Adam Lambert?! There is no curse in Elvish, Entish, or the tongues of men for such treachery.

  • If done correctly (really big if) the fascist Starship Troopers faithful book adaptation could be perfect right now.

  • I’m surprised no one has made a remake of breakfast club. The funny thing is you could hv the original cast be the parents driving them to school and giving them tips before they get out of the car. Ha ha! Plz don’t touch the breakfast club

  • I thought creed the band too! Lol love roxy

  • Spielberg has my trust to mess.

  • There is no Deadpool story is there? You're just doing a bit to mess with us.

  • My mom is a doctor and pretty much ruined any doctor or ER show and movie for me.

  • The best Scarface remake has been Breaking Bad

  • Amen. If it is not broken don't the f fix it.

  • I want all the Roxy

  • God for as big as ur channel is how do u guys not have timestamps!?!? U don't even have different graphics on the video on what ur on it's just all fan the question on the video or do sometimes tamps cuz anyone who comes in and just wants to actually got to the main title topic because maybe they have a short commute or a quick break....good luck finding each question start and stop point...just show the question where the "fan questions" is at ur paying JTE aren't u???

  • The Deadpool Story reminds me of the SNL sketch, What Up With That? "Oh, Lindsay Buckingham. I'm so sorry. We ran out of time again. Can you forgive me?"

  • Is the Deadpool story going to be the “Alan” of SJU?? Unexplained for those just joining but prevalent for like 3 months straight. Lol

  • a reboot of scarface could work, even for universal

  • romancing the stone and its sequels, the originals maybe of its time cause of turner and douglas but , a reboot of that franchise could work with a New cast but fox, under disney, is a No Maybe if the Romancing the stone franchise Moved to another studio like maybe columbia pictures, warner brothers, or universal you could see the potential of a Reboot from a different studio'

  • my fair lady, in my opinion, while it has musical moments it has the funniest comedy moments that if done as a Modern retell today i think you could have a comedy focused version , with some music in it but the funniest moment of that film, is when hepburn's character is yelling at the racehorse saying "come on dover, Move your blooming arse" hearing that , is litterly hilarious, if you saw a modern actress try to Pull off the come on dover line today it would Not only come off as hysterical to hear a comedy actress say the come on dover line but a male comedian actor in a modern take would even react like "oh dude, she saw that horse make a mistake, you do not want to mess with dover" and another guy would be like "DUDE" point being, a modern my fair lady would be more of a comedy cause you would have a whole bunch of ppl reacting to the dover scene in a modern retell ,both guy characters and girl characters

  • Something Strange About The Johnson's needs a remake

  • my opinion on highlander, is that, yea the films have aged well and the tv series has aged well if highlander is revisited, maybe both the tv show and the movies need proper modern remakes and plus, the queen songs would be part of the remake as well like on the movie side, you could have a new cast on the tv series side, new cast as well, but for both the film and tv versions, it would be like doctor who where you have a different actor as the doctor every few seasons where in highlanders case, someone else would be playing both duncan and connor representing both the film and tv versions depends on which actors for which incarnation and depending on which studios wants in on the highlander remakes for both tv and the films if i had to guess which actor should play a good highlander, i think adam driver , since he does look a little like keanu reeves could pass for a rebooted version of chris lambert , and then his trainer could be like keanu reeves as the sean connery role since reeves loves action roles like john wick, so maybe he could pass as being like a much younger version of the connery character in the reboot as for the tv side, if i had to make a guess on who should be duncan and connor in the rebooted tv version, it would have to be either Unknown actors, or actors that are in dramas, comedies, superhero shows, just any actor within any reputable genre you could even add female highlanders as well ,too if you wanted to

  • heavy metal has aged pretty well ya, i think it could be time for a Modern cg version

  • hmm, the escape movies (escape from new york, escape from la) the escape films are split across two studios the first escape film, escape from new york, was done at Mgm the second one, was Done at Paramount it becomes tedius and immature when the two films Don't connect with each other I say, if you do allow a remake of both of these films, and make them good enough you wouldn't need a R to make them good you can just go for a PG-13 Basically warner and columbis and maybe universal could create a cinematic universe where these escape from la films work with the reboot of big trouble of little china and you could make it comedic and fun,like the chevy chase fletch films but minusing out a few things that made the original eseape films immature while adding new things 1. i want to see more love scenes involving the girl characters talking to the main guys basically i do not care how many you add that would be appropiate for a PG-13 , as long as the love scene nudity is ok for pg-13 2. No monsters that look like godzilla monster knockoffs the monster in big trouble in little china, when i saw that, scared the shit out of me and i think, if you are going to make it more comedic, make it funny so that way snake teams with the guy in big trouble in little china and that at least they take down generic villians like a rambo situation but also if you are going to add a comedic monster for the big trouble person to stop, make it look like how the scooby gang in the scooby doo movies stops a monster, and then reveals that it wasn't actually a monster, it was some stupid villian and they also could have a police dog with them

  • Back in like the mid 90s they made Weird Science into a television show, it was one of the early original shows for USA if I remember right. While it might be problematic to remake I don't think it would be as problematic as some think. It's a movie were two loser teenage boys make a hot chick who intern helps them with the girls they have a crush on. It kind of feels a bit on a formulaic side for me.

  • Roxy Striar is still high, me thinks.

  • They say starship troopers, I immediately think "Rico!!! You know what to do"

  • the birds is a good hitchcock movie that ,i have to agree with roxy, needs a modern retell but, how you remake it depends on the story i believe it needs a family friendly pg telling so that even if there is some jump scares there is some room for humor too and that it would be more like the bill murray ghostbusters where you could have ppl taking down these birds and say stuff like "we came, we saw, we kicked these birds ass" i think that if the birds were warranted as a action comedy like ghostbusters i would say, put this one to columbia

  • the neverending story should get a proper reboot at this point warner did both films during the 80s but the third direct to video installment in the 1990s was not by warner, it was through miramax so a reboot of this franchise is Definately Neccesary Like maybe warner could get both jim henson pictures and Columbia pictures backing them up so that, there would be a oppurtunity to create a more updated version

  • Dirty dancing should definately be on the please remake this list i think the previous remake was a tv movie that Abc did with two actors substituting for the actors that were in the original movie if i had to bet which film company should be next of kin to pick up dirty dancing next, i would have to go either Warner Brothers, or Universal or you could have a team up between universal and warner for Dirty dancing's remake, Much like how Warner and universal did the kevin hart- the rock film, central intelligence

  • the an american werewolf movies, if they were done better today i'd say, make them more action comedy driven like a PG or PG-13 toned teen wolf take, like have the person who turns into a werewolf protect ppl from bad werewolves much like how in terminator 2, that arnold protects ppl from the t-1000 thats how i would see a proper american werewolf redo story, much in the vein of terminator meets teen wolf, one where the person is protecting them the first american werewolf was Under universal while the second one, was under disney's hollywood pictures i think universal, should team with maybe columbia and Warner for a possible Reboot of this franchise that would be family friendly much like teen wolf , which means, yes you still have the nudity but for a pg-13 , But u do not show any gore that is associated with the original R versions, that is where it gets in trouble cause the ppl that could possibly do a new take on these films, would rather make it family friendly, and leave out gore but, yes you still would have the Nudity even for a PG-13 , but the fighting would be more cartoony rather than gory cause if this were turned into a PG-13 Type story rather than a R like its originals, then several things would benefit from it: More involving the Love story aspect, there would be also More comedy, but there would also be some things that happen off camera involving some of the bad werewolves, that one of the good, protector werewolves tends to protect ppl from and explains that they could protect ppl from a fight happening

  • I always thought American Psycho would be a good unofficial prequel to Batman Begins. Turns out all those deaths in AP were all in his head, but he still flipped out later and said......I'm Batman!!

  • if spielberg wants to pursue doing a modern take on a musical, he should whether it be west side story or some other musical that deserves a modern take

  • This "Deadpool" story is the equivalent of having badge notifications on phone apps and is the exact reason I turned off all notifications on my phone

  • Can anyone please bring me up to speed about this running gag they have with this Deadpool story they continuously bump? I don't get the joke.

  • I kinda don't want to know the sorry now. Just have that be the new ending to the show as this perpetual carrot hanging in front of the audience

  • On a show that will air on Veteran's Day-you talk about Heavy Metal which has one of my favorite songs-Veteran Of The Psychic Wars...."You see me now I'm a veteran ..of a thousand psychic wars...I've been living on the edge so long-where the winds of limbo roar...and I'm young enough to look at and far to old to see-all the scars are on the inside...I don't think that there's anything left of me.." Just part of the cosmic unconsciousness.

  • What another delay for deadpool story that's a shame where's my shame belt.

  • Career Opportunities with Frank Whaley and Jennifer Connelly is the one where they are locked in Target all night. Had such a crush on Jennifer Connelly(still kind of do) I saw it like 5 times. Weird Science-best one in it was Bill Paxton as the older brother-a total douche. Love the part between Kelly LeBrock and him when she goes "Look Chip...this is a Pershing missile" and Paxton in total a-hole tone of voice and like long-suffering goes..." name is Chet.. Doesn't need a remake in this day and time. Big Trouble In Little China should never be remade. Good point about Born In The USA-all these politician's and cowboys going.."USA ...yeah baby" did you listen to the lyrics besides the refrain...guessing not.

  • 2 fight 2 club

  • Weird Science wouldn't be allowed today

  • Never remade Hitchcock's the birds

  • Remake Sunset Boulevard with Glenn Close. She starred in the musical version a few years ago.

  • At least Friends kind of explained why they live in that nice apartment by saying that it was rented to their grandmother and passed on to Monica kind of in a sublet-y rent controlled deal that is kind of shady but the building manager likes them so he doesn't do anything about it.

  • I think the one where they spend a night in a target is Career Opportunity?

  • Joe is the best host

  • After a stressful day, you have no idea the joy I get in watching this show. Keep up the wonderful stuff.

  • Hi Screen Junkies! I've always wanted to ask you guys relevant about Heavy Metal and I went insane when I saw the trailer for Thor Ragnarok for the first time. I've always wished they'd make a life action movie in the Heavy Metal theme. Do you guys like me think, that Thor Ragnarok came close and wouldn't it work with an original script? Greetings from the "Netherlands"! Siegfried

  • The issue with the remake is not limited to the quality of the movie itself. There’s also the cultural factors including but not limited to advances in filming techniques/narrative style preferences, and pop culture influences.

  • First and foremost, R.I.P. to the legend that is Stan Lee. Secondly, i think the Deadpool news is Ryan Reynolds [since i assume they are all buddies after the honest trailers... that's how it works, right?] showing up in costume to promote the new PG13 cut they are releasing and he's had to reschedule a few times..... :P

  • The Scarface you're thinking of (1983) was itself a remake (1932).

  • I love Roxy but Tim Burton touching anything Hitchcock did is the dumbest idea I've heard

  • I started dying laughing after Billy went to Mission Impossible lengths of secrecy to protect his old job and then not one minute later proceed to shit all over Applebees! 😂😂😂

  • that deadpool tease lmao

  • With West Side Story, Lin-Manuel Miranda helped Sondheim update the music to include more Spanish where the characters would be apt to speak it. I do think there is a version of West Side Story where the characters are actually Puerto Rican beyond just Rita Moreno. I don't know if that's what he's going for, but it would be nice.

  • Billy just a fyi the movie A mom for Christmas had a Olivia Newton John. You are right it is a good movie.

  • So I actually tried to watch this episode since the premise seemed like a cool idea for discussion and the thumbnail teased some cool ideas. You guys WASTE so much time talking about nonsense and padding the episode time, this is why I usually don’t bother watching your daily content. If it takes 5 minutes to get to the meat of the content, I’m sorry you’ve lost me. I understand the majority of your audience enjoys the banter, it just feels like so much time wasting, and that is counter to what I appreciate most about a lot of the YT format. I enjoy long form discussion, I watch the 3hr video essays, but those are at least structured. You guys gotta tighten these daily shows up a bit. Have a pace and an outline and maybe actually try to stick to it please?!?

  • "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" animated by Ralph Bakshi . The book has amazing and weird imagery that would only work in animation. I love the 75 movie, I love the book and I'm sure this would make the hat trick.

  • Someone should make a series of dark, gritty Police Academy movies ... ... with the original cast

  • Romancing the Stone SHOULD be remade ... ... with the original cast

  • Escape from New York - Hideo Kojima made Metal Gear, and it was better.