J.K. Rowling Responds To Critics After Nagini Controversy Goes Viral

เผยแพร่เมื่อ 28 ก.ย. 2018
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No one expected the final trailer for the Harry Potter prequel Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald to tell them anything they didn't already know from watching previously released teasers and TV spots. But when Warner Bros. dropped the last piece of promotional footage on September 25, minds were blown. Why? Because it features a brief clip of a woman named Nagini turning into a snake. And that has opened a huge can of worms for Harry Potter fans, leading Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling to issue a public defense of the film. In the original Harry Potter series, Nagini was a gigantic sinister snake who served as the evil lord Voldemort's companion and assistant, while also acting as a Horcrux, one of the vessels for a portion of Voldemort's soul. Nagini was eventually slain by Neville Longbottom, opening the way for Voldemort's final defeat. So the revelation that Nagini was once a human woman that can turn into a snake - or possibly a snake that turns into a woman - is definitely a shocker for fans...
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  • What other Harry Potter characters do you hope to see in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald?

    • NAGA are from the INDIAN Sub continent - the culture of snake worship, snake charming, etc Emperor Rajendra Chola used to rule Tamil Nadu (his native), Andaman, thailand, Cambodia, indonesia, malaysia, etc - this is how the indian naga culture spread east wards - in fact, the legend of a snake developing into a divine serpent called sesha which in chinese would mean dragon is from naga clans in India. The dragon means divine serpent

    • not gayish dumbledore again haha kidding

    • the gay parade of england i guess >_> homophobic people that dish jk rowling will be thrilled

    • Tom Riddle. It would be stupid if we'll not see him. And people who say "Snape", "Neville" etc they know that it's nonsense, right? lol

    • Lilly and Friendzoned Snape!

  • Critasizm from fans? You mean Critasizm from. Hyper sensative activists, let her do what she wants with her story, it's not her job to ponder political views on screen! Maybe we should just look to be entertained from movies?

  • What wrong of being asian??!isn't it cool she has that asian eyes and when she bend into the snake??ITS COOL!!

  • Ahh, White people...always amazes me!

  • Idk but this is J.K Rowling's story and world..she owns this shit she can do whatever she wants. If she wants a racist, tapdancing, gay, anorexic, twerking, businessman eskimo by all means she can do what she pleases.

  • Rowlings ideas today are bullshit, but I didn’t particularly dislike the new Nagini thing.

  • But didn't Rowling willingly admit that the snake Harry let loose in the first book was Nagini? That snake was born IN the zoo. It also said that it hailed from Brazil.

  • Nyi Blorong is half-snake, half-human and Nyi Roro Kidul’s sister. Her actual form is a giant snake, she can transform into a beautiful woman. That’s what i know. Nyi Roro Kidul is famous around here. But, ‘Naga’ actually means ‘Dragon’

  • i think movies should just pick actors who are hot af at this point.

  • This is really terrible world. Fck political corectness. Do not destroy beautiful wizard world. It is originally european story, western story, full of english culture, where most person are logically caucasians, straight and other ethnic and sexual groups are minority. You can not to satisfy everyone. If you try to make movie for everyone on planet, where everybody will be equal, it will be total garbage! I am white european and NOBODY think that asian girl turning to nagini is offensive. What about white guy is turning into wolf? Do you remember Ladyhawke? OMG WAKE UP PEOPLE ! And enjoy story...

  • As an Indonesian with Javanese heritage, and lil knowledge about anthropology. What the author (JK ROWLING) said is true. We as Javanese is the descendant of Indo-Aryan that migrates toward JAVA land, and sharing knowledge about Hinduism, Sanskrit language that deep root in the Javanese language. As the Mahabharata story is well known about the people.

  • It’s not that deep

  • You filthy muggles dare to speak lord name.

  • I THINK it’s the combination of a weak and vulnerable character and an asian actress. Because asian representation hasn’t been alot more than just: submissive asian girl falls in love with someone and then can’t stop crying. You know, like cho chang. And I think it’s that thing that has upset people. Because of the “lame stereotype”. And I think I can’t say I completely disagree with them, because it used to happen quite often that a latina would be a loudass, hoops wearing, big titted woman who had an accent and wasn’t actually that smart. It made me feel ashamed of being a latina as a kid so I always just told people I was white HAHAH obviously no one believed me, but I was a kid. It wouldn’t have the same effect on me as an adult but like for kids... it kinda sucks lol

  • Why does everything have to include race? Why does everything have to include religion? Why does everything have to include sexuality? Come on people it’s a fictional world with its own diversity with muggles and mudbloods and halfbreeds. Not everything has to incorporate ones race,religion,sexuality or anything else these days.

  • Really doesn’t bother me that much she was human once or Korean

  • Seriously it cracks me up that korean people are upset about being represented by Nagini. I am polish and my representation is some fat, and clumsy moustache guy... who is not even a wizard! He is a muggle from first part of fantastic beasts. An economical immigrant that came to London to open his little bakery! :D Can it get any more racist than that? And yet i see no polish peoople complaining... interesting.

    • Kamil Kuzmiak so what other lame stereotypes would we find 🤔 Polish 1 Asian 2 at least Does a black person die in there? Hahah Is there a latina roomkeeper? Is there a pervy old white guy who just can’t seem to stop bothering younger girls? Wait, I think that’s voldemort

    • +Belen ZG Nah, I am just saying that was equally as stereotypical as a korean snake woman and nobody makes a big deal out of it:D A wizard snake woman is at least "magical and cool".. its way better representation than a non magical economical immigrant that seems to be not that smart actually xD I was like.. seriously.. is that gonna be a first polish character in the HP universe?

    • Does that make me a racist? Omg

    • Kamil Kuzmiak i actually like him tho?

  • It is probably purely coincidental that Claudia Kim is the actress.

  • WtF I'm from Nagaland ! And I'm a naga

    • 😂that's pathetic

    • YK JR omg start a youtube channel where you turn into a snake

  • I don't care about the snake being an Asian woman. But let's not pretend that JK was holding onto this "big, juicy secret" for 20 years.

  • The actress who played Nagini was beautiful

  • Harry Potter fans: That was a nice series. Good characters, fascinating world. I'm glad it ended on a high note. J.K Rowling: Oh, you didn't hear...?

  • [hackets electric hack?]

  • [parchment sucker]

  • the individual playing the human "nagini" seems awfully familiar to me.

    • Peterli Studer it was a joke because ppl always say shit like “asians/ blacks all look alike” and you said: “she seems familiar” hahaha

    • for example -- I the dudette Aronchuppa -- shame ive seen few of her type

    • +Belen ZG I like women of all races -- of my generation --- how about you?

    • Peterli Studer not sure if racist 😂

  • If You People out there are criticizing Joanne's Universe than you can go make a new magical universe for yourself. It is her world and she is sharing it with us.

  • Geez, Fantastic Beasts is neither a prequel nor a sequel to the HP series😑

  • 1:54 *Being really proud*

  • Watched the movie the other day and it was completely lost on me she was Nagini. Glad I watched this


  • Many asian women were called to do casting of nagini. Including 2 of indonesian actress. But claudia already got the name thats maybe why she get the role

  • Firstly, commenting on Nagini being Korean. It honestly couldn't matter less. HOWEVER, it is the result from the left forcing rolls in weird areas that have people stir crazy. We should be getting actors who portray the character the most accurately while also still being able to deliver the best performance. Secondly, on JK Rowling changing things up after the book. It's absolute garbage. Love is love and at no point do you ever need to define where that comes from with regards to Dumbledore. Now, if she wanted to write in the books his love for Grindelwald then that's that... BUT she never did! Her lack of respect for her own creation continues to break my heart as I honestly believe she was the less creative writer of whoever helped her with the Original Harry Potters. No writer in the history has ever been so complacent after creating such a masterpiece. She could write about the Marauders, Tom Riddle, Harry Potter, and the wizarding world after Voldemort's defeat. Of course, I am always open to hearing other people's opinions so comment on what you think below!

  • faaaaaaaceeepaaalmms who cares cast who ever you like as long as the actor is good there should be no problem

  • wew she had an *epic* comeback to the haturs

  • Sorry but this reactions in twitter are nonetheless stupid they dont read the books or not an absolute potterhead why to question such a fantastic idea, me a potterhead see it as really a story turner for nagini , to see a side where nagini is not an absolute wicked snake is just wonderful to see to provide transition on how lord voldemort got nagini to be one of the horcruxes

  • I don't see any problem when Nagini was playing by Korean actress. She's amazing talented and beautiful .

  • All these critics trying to decide what or how characters should be. Write your own universe and control it the way you want. Harry can wear a tutu and dance to bjorks music for all I care. Its her own creation and she can do as she please.

  • I just know if nagini is from indonesia.

  • Didn't Nagini pretend to be an old woman in the final book? That certainly suggested she's has some kind of polymorphic ability.

  • for goodness sakes ‘fans’ complaining that there are more to the Harry Potter series. Shouldn’t they appreciate it??Ugh

  • Dumbledore is gay??? Then GOD is gay......

  • ye the movie made think "is he gay?"

  • Well in one of the scenes in the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 you clearly see Nagini transformed into an older woman and then back into its snake form at Godric's Hollow. So the idea that Nagini can transformed from snake into human form is not completetly mental.

  • Omg It was true!DUMBLEDORE’S GAY!😱😱

  • Did people forget that harry potter is supposed to be set after the fantastic beasts?

  • Like seriously each writer has there universe j.k rowling's books are no excuse she can do what ever she wants and no one has the rights to say it's wrong and that she shouldn't do it everyone has been begging for a extra information about harry potter and a new book she could have simply said no and didn't bother herself and let you go on with your desire for another harry potter book you should be thanking her people not complaining

  • I don't believe that Dumbledore is gay. Asexual would be an alternative.

  • You don’t have to look or sound gay to be gay.

  • Malidictus. They are very rare and it’s called a blood curse for a reason. Claudia Kim was amazing.

  • Nagini is a likeable character now! Naginia> longbottom