Goosebumps was the weirdest kids show...

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Goosebumps animation
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  • The book fairs.... I miss those.

  • Omg the ta in my geo class told me to wake up 5 mins early to eat breakfast. Like wtf 🙄😑

  • I’ve seen the first one

  • OK dude... now you gotta do ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK

  • Goosebumps was a joke compared to Are You Afraid of the Dark. That shit is still scary

  • “I can play Stairway to Heaven on a kazoo”

  • I definitely feel the same way about this show.It may have scared me a lot as a kid, but watching it now as an adult it's mostly awkward , unscary, & just kids who are terrible actors. Some are good though.

  • How the hell are you not dieing of laughter from a grown man yelling at a kid give me your hands

  • The show SUCKED (coming from a kids perspective - I was much more into Are You Afraid of the Dark?) and it doesn't even COMPARE to the books (I grew up reading them). This particular episode/book wasn't scary to me at all. The scariest episode of Goosebumps imo was 'One Day at Horrorland'. Seriously, watch that. AND PLEASE DO A VID ON ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK!!!

  • Yo is Dr. Shriek Yoshikage Kira?

  • Why have you been going after my childhood?

  • I liked this show as kid. Yea it’s cheesy and crazy but I still like the scary aspect and the fact that it’s the 90’s also just makes the aesthetics better lol

  • This kid was 2 feet in front of the janitor for over a minute. HE COULD HAVE KICKED HIM WHERE IT HURTS SO EASILY

  • As a pianist I can testify that not ALL piano teachers are freaks. Mine is great, however I believe that I am turning into one of the piano freaks sooooo

  • Cavalier?

  • dude "are you afraid of the dark" on Nicktoons was fucking not cool. also the majority of courage the cowardly dog episodes were just horrifying like the one with the Egyptian pharaoh.

  • OMG I miss Alex Mac!

  • Well.... I'm uncomfortable! Greatest line from you EVER!!!!!

  • The scariest thing about Goosebumps was that the adults never listened or helped. I loved this show. Still watching it.

  • What about the kids who watch you??? :OOO

  • i can never forget the sponge episode, freaked me out big time:P

  • Glad I never saw this one... haha

  • This was my shit... and don't forget Are you afraid of the dark? That was a good one too

  • he has a hand fetish

  • "The book was better" 🤣

  • Tbh these freaked me out as a kid but there cheesy as heck. Though, if you've never seen slappy part three, God that scared me

  • These shows weren’t even all that scary for kids; what they provided was an opportunity to escape from the reality of school, homework, and parents nagging at us. Because our brains were giant open voids just looking to vacuum up anything that was fed to them, we’d get sucked into this “alternate world” that Goosebumps offered. Our brains/imagination would piece together stuff that didn’t make sense. Anyways, Goosebumps is legendary. Also, the best feeling in the world is an orgasm.

  • Goosebumps wasn't really that weird

  • 3:03 lol.

  • i remember that actor as the music instructor... he was in jontron's are you afraid of the dark reaction-review... he's everywhere!!!

  • hes got a strainer on his head

  • I probably bought every goosebumps ever written, at least the original ones. Ghost beach was one of my favorites to read, I also liked the say cheese and die series because they had skeletons on the front cover lol

  • Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait one damn minute...that piano teacher is the Hagrid from Are You Afraid of the Dark?! What's he doing here?!

  • Are You Afraid Of The Dark was a superior show anyway.


  • These books were my childhood.

  • could do an article on days of our lives.

  • I wasn’t even born in the night ninetys but I still watched them and I loved them and even collecting the old books! (But I even had to admit the acting was bad)

  • Okay, I'm not gonna act like R.L. Stine was the best author ever, or anything, but the original Piano Lessons Can Be Murder, was far more subtle in places. The ghost lady didn't go ham, and if I remember correctly, was very good and being spooky and cryptic, I remember it was underplayed. If I remember wrong, I apologize, that's how I remember it through the nostalgia goggles.

  • I used to LOVE Goosebumps! There’s one I remember about a brother and a sister whose dads a scientist. He has a basement that no ones allowed in. When he’s away they decide to go inside. They find out he has been doing experiments on plants and catch him drinking “plant juice”... he turns into a plant and we’re all doomed!! Literally the only one I can remember XD

  • Gotta say this episode wasn’t scary still isn’t lol

  • I’m a drummer... so that means I survived piano

  • What about catdog that's the weirdest show ever!

  • I was born in 2003 and I probably saw every goosebumps when I was younger, I remember going to blockbuster to get them, months later blockbuster shut down and was replaced by a Pizza Hut. I then found a site called Netflix, it was relatively new, and ordered discs from it on my Nintendo wii. I miss the good old days.

  • Every time i hear that piano play, it reminds me of Corpse Bride lol

  • The funny thing about this episode....I sort of like it. Let me be frank. I like the ghost aspects of this episode. I first saw this episode a few years ago on Netflix. And I was excited at the reveal of the ghost piano teacher. Yes, her effects are dated and cheesy. But she still seemed a bit creepy and chilling to me. So. Whenever she showed up. I was actually pretty invested. Unfortunately what fails is the "Shrieek School". Like. I don't get it. It's basically implied that the janitor/scientist was the ghost's original student, but kept failing at the piano. So. He becomes obsessed with hands and pianos? What? I keep failing at math. Doesn't mean I'm obsessed with math and numbers. Hell I try to stay as far away from it as possible. And yeah. The ending is pretty strange and stupid. I'd say the first half of this episode is good and the rest falls flat on it's face.

  • 2:58 "Coming in Mr. Brave young man?" Anybody know what tv series comes from? :)

  • the real suspicious thing is how does the ghost know how to play piano after all those years dead?

  • Colinder not straner

  • He looks like Santa clause

  • EXCUSE ME. That is Col. Lionel Pendergast From SG-1 bastard.

  • Hahaha love your comments.. You are so funny

  • Next year, you should do "Are You Afraid of the Dark?"

  • Most of the music people are genius....yea genius people are weird

  • "The weirdest show" courage the cowardly dog says hello

  • My niece found my old VHS tapes of 'The Haunted Mask', and watches it all the time. I've watched it with her a few times, and think to myself... What the HELL was I thinking?! This is HORRIBLE!!!! My niece loves it though. But, she does talk about how fake it looks, and asked me, "Why is Carly Beth so stupid??? Why would she put the mask back on, if it got stuck once already??? I don't know anyone that dumb." LMFAO!!!! She can be a little savage at times.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • all I thinks of is Shin Chan.. sub

  • Come to think of it, there were a lot of differences from the book. Some changes first time director William Fruent and the writers made include: The ghost in Jerry's house is a described as being pretty. Dr. Shreek comes to Jerry's home for lessons. Jerry's neighbor Kim is implied to be Asian in the book, but in the episode, she is depicted as African American. Jerry never visits the psychiatrist Dr. Frye in the episode. In the episode, the ghost in Jerry's house used to be Mr. Toggle's strict piano teacher. In the book, the ghost wasn't given a backstory. In the book, Jerry's parents never see the ghost haunting the piano. Jerry is never shown Mr. Toggle's workshop in the episode. In the book, Dr. Shreek flips out because Jerry is quitting, in the episode he becomes enraged because Jerry is not taking his lessons seriously. At the end, it is just the ghost of Mr. Andrew Toggle's piano teacher instead of several ghosts. But instead of taking him away to the forest behind the school, she makes him play the piano forever as punishment for torturing Jerry. In the final scene, the piano teacher ghost says, "This is your punishment for terrorizing the boy! You will practice and practice!" Mr. Toggle asks in a sobbed voice "How much longer?!" The piano teacher ghost replies, "Till....eternity, you laaazy boy!"

  • This was definitely one of the weirder episodes but I don't think it's fair to paint the whole series in the same stroke.

  • The theme song still gives me chills😭

  • This is the only one I was too scared to watch btw the old grandpa dude has a hand fetish 😂😂😂

  • Man summer is hot

  • I read only one of these books- and it happened to be the one where someone's dog gets turned inside out and his organs and blood is on the outside all of a sudden - that scene ... it was so detailed it made me freak out and I never picked up another one of these.

  • I take a little bit of offense to the first three minutes of this video because my mother was a piano teacher and she did not dress like that nor did she smell like Pepto-Bismol (rude) But the rest of the video is quality content10/10

  • dude your animations are so awesome and funny they make me laugh every time i see them

  • Are you afraid of the dark Vs Goosebumps


  • Night of the Living Dummy Scarecrow Walks at Midnight Werewolf one (what’s it called?) Shrunken Head and Horror Land...don’t watch those Also there’s a few people you might recognize in these. There’s DW’s voice from Arthur. (In Horror Land. Still don’t watch it) The guy who plays adult Anakin Skywalker (the second Night of the Living Dummy episode) Ryan Gosling (Say Cheese and Die episode)

  • you sound like a animaniac… I like it...

  • Is that fucking Dr.Vink from Are You Afraid of the Dark?

  • Courage the cowardly dog, Rocko's modern life, Ren and Stimpy, KaBlam, Angry Beaver's, Regular Show, Amazing world of Gumball, Metalocalypse, Super Jail and Venture brothers just to name a few of the weirdest cartoons I've ever seen lol.. They all are undeniably weird but I laughed so hard watching all of them.

  • 4:09 almost made me choke XD

  • Moonlight Sonata? Pfff... Jill Valentine plays that song much better than some silly self-playing piano!

  • god his animation style is too attempting to be flashing and just comes off cringe.

  • So.. the janitor was actually a scientist who made a highly advanced robot that could totally pass for a human being but.. couldn't figure out.. hands. Wait a minute.. that sounds a lot like Edward Scissorhands.

  • Boohbas was terrifiying.

  • Are you Afraid of the Dark was definitely better.

  • Really? This is the weirdest kids show you could find?

  • Couldn've been worse, like that Jack Black Goosebumps movie😷

  • Those book fairs were absolutely magical. Oh man I haven't thought about them in years.

  • Mr. Shriek is just musical Yoshikage Kira

  • I'm weak as fuck xD

  • 3:40 *K-KIRA YOSHIKAGE!!*

  • react to Wizards of Waverly Place please!

  • The book fairs, yeah, that was where I got into Animorphs. Then my parents gave me a copy of Martin the Warrior for Christmas because I'd been watching Redwall religiously and I stopped going to book fairs because they didn't carry the Redwall series. I guess 300+ pages is just too much for third grade, pfft.

  • 7:31 Close your eyes! XD

  • 4:08 That's a masturbation joke if anyone didn't understand it. (I just felt the need to say this)

  • B E A U T I F U L H A N D S

  • Your re actions are funny and what you say

  • Love the guy's beard

  • I read a LOT of these books

  • I hear moonlight sonata and all I think is how freaky it would be if the piano started self-playing the presto section

  • Malcolm in the middle reference

  • This episode was the wors when I saw it

  • i only watched 2 episodes when i was a kid, those episodes where the werewolf from the swamp and the haunted mask 1, those episodes scared the shit out of me when i was a kid, now they make me laugh.

  • That creepy old man is like a less extreme version of kira yoshikage

  • Dude I really love your videos... Only wish if you can bring your old animated character back. 🙂

  • I really don't like the new look I prefer the old style better

  • Hi