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  • Appreciate the shoutout at 2:25:31!!! Glad to see you all had a great time, I sadly had to work. Otherwise I’d have totally been there ☺️ Lisa’s really sweet, we help each other out in-game quite often. This game’s been one of those huge influences on meeting so many people ☺️

  • Can I get your code

  • i caught 14 shinies cyndaquil and hatched a 100% iv shinx

  • 8153 9970 2995

  • This was one of my favorite comm days just because of the people.

  • I've always liked your videos but you made a fan this weekend. I realize you thoroughly enjoy the game but you sacrificed your joy for the game to bring joy to the TONS of people that were thrilled to meet you in person. You're a good egg!

  • Kdo je Čech

  • 3935 8363 1603 Looking for new friends. From Philippines, plays daily and looking for daily exchange of gifts. Thanks.

  • Listening as I squeeze in these last weekly kilometers! 😁🎉 Great to see ya this past weekend doin tour thang! 👋🏽

  • Can I see your tits

  • I caught 9 shiny Cyndaquil!

  • 884726662917 add me on Pokémon go

  • got 13 shiny cyndaquil and 1 shiny meditite

  • 9365 6253 8481 Active UK Player

  • I caught 14 shiny 🙂🙂from Lincoln park zoo

  • Let's get some hype for Multi-tasker-Master-Holly! How you manage to live stream, catch Pokemon, greet people all without stressing out about grinding shinys is amazing. You are so calm. Must be that military training. 😉

  • 18,000 more subscribers

  • I wanted to thank you all so much. You not once acted annoyed or upset that so many people were coming up to you during spawn hours asking for photos and signatures. You all were so fantastic and I hope you all come back!

  • Frisco Texas Community Day was rockin'!

  • Didn't catch the live stream, and now watching replay and screaming "claim your rewards Holly!" LOL

  • I live near there and really wanted to go

  • Your videos are Great! From Ohio

  • Jackson Ironmen

  • Add me 0942 2295 2003

  • Hey big fan 😍 love your videos Holly I'm from Tasmania the island state of Australia maybe you and the crew might make it here one day .. I got 11 shinys on my community also can you or anyone here please tell me the app she is using to stream on ?

    • Thanks J No

    • TH-tv Gaming app

  • Another no shiny community day for me.

  • And I have caught a shiny pinsir and Drifibliam

  • Are you ever going to come to England

  • I need more friends 😅: 5507 1329 8415

  • 7 shines 👍

  • I got 3 shines

  • Was only able to do Comm Day for 30 minutes during my work break and managed 1 732CP Shiny Cyndaquil! Had just enough candies to evolve into Typhlosion with Blast Burn!! Also got my Budew this morning from the 1st 5K egg I hatched after it released and got a Shiny Roselia tonight!! After finally found my first Catch 5 Bug Pokemon Research task! I'm so stoked! Today was great!

  • I caught 5 shiny cyndaquil

  • 10 shiny cyndaquill and a shiny pineco Princeton for the win

    • thnks

  • Come to Vermont

  • Holly your hot

  • #niantic bring Shiny Mewtwo. #supreme

  • I caught 5 shiny in Kingsport, TN. One was a 98% iv

  • California did NOT get the sunny weather boost today of all days, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    • Mike Lynch I live in LA and we did get the weather boost

  • i got 6 shinys to im happy

  • 3 shinys caught

  • Come to Singapore Holly!!!

  • dang I only got 2

  • Ended the day with 6 Shiny Cyndaquil. But my Community Day started awkwardly first Cyndaquil I checked was a CP 10 Shiny, but once I caught it it turned into a Sunkern. Then in the final seconds of the event my last Cyndaquil was a Shiny, but once caught became a normal one...

    • But I did kick off Community Day with a Buizel Raid!

  • i got 13 shiny cyndaquils evolved my 5 best

  • Awesome people, great AR pics and looked like good overcast!🔥 Looks like a overall wonderfull Community Day over there😄

  • why are the spawns so low...it sucks to be in a place like that on community day... full of stops and no spawns..

  • I only got one shiny but enough candy that u evolved 4 wonder typhlosians

    • I meant "I" not "u" lol

  • It’s my birthday today, and the most fitting thing, I Caught a 100% Cyndaquil.

    • All about Birthday Luck. Congrats!

    • yo same here! i also cough 9 shinies!

  • What does a general/king keep up his sleevies* is the correct way to do the joke.

  • Caught a Total Of 8 Shiny Cyndaquils with a Shiny Omanyte on Pokémon Quest while Community Day began

  • I am angry. It is I that said shiny at first.

  • I caught 3 shiny and a friend got a shiny caterpie, I am so jelly. Have a good one everybody.

  • I found a mercrow shiny today as the event ended

  • @PkmnMasterHolly we should play together since we live in the same city! My wife and I play together more or less. Lol

  • Community Day was kind if ruined for me because if the smoke of the fire and that was ruining the service for my phone but at least i still got a shiny Cyndaquil

    • smoke and fire doesnt do anything to your mobile service but atleast you got a shiny

  • Poke girl trying to bring down Holleys hype ..by saying " I know all these people" haha

  • Duuude i clicked in so much cyndaquils and no shiny wtf

    • Sorry to hear that from all of you

    • That happened to me on Beldum community day.

    • I got one 5 min before was over

    • +Vinicius Pereira Same.

  • Sorry I didn't make the stream holly, I was to busy with my own community day! It looks like you had a great day!!

  • Girl u need to get grindin !!

  • 😍😍😍

  • I caught 4 shiny Cyndaquil in the last 20 mins at a Costco lol

    • Right

    • Luq

    • brock sorry to hear that

    • I got no shinys